CCC Interns

Welcome to the Center for Cognitive Computing

The Center for Cognitive Computing is a research center established in Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad. The center is involved in research, teaching and imparting training through seminars, workshops, summer/winter short term courses and semester long term courses in the field of Cognitive Computing including but not limited to Computer Vision, Language and Image Processing, Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Biometrics, and Bioinformatics. CCC has incorporated multiple Research Labs, Professors, more than 20 Ph.D. Students and many M.Tech and U.G. Students.

During Summer Internship (May, 2020), there will be five groups for interns based on following topics, working under Prof. U. S. Tiwary:

1. Dialogue and Speech

2. Intelligent Information Retrieval and NLP ( Emphasis on Indian Languages )

3. Events, Complex objects, Motion Recognition and Tracking ( Multimodal )

4. EEG and Mental State Analysis ( including Emotions )

5. Neurocomputing ( Experimenting with new architectures of learning and knowledge application : Restricted for long term researchers only)


Environment on which interns will work:

Language : Python 3

Operating system: Linux

Interns are required to write SOP as per their interest on any of these topics. On each topics some papers are suggested to read here.


Kindly follow this link for applying to SRIP 2020:

For any queries further you can mail at: