Information Retrieval (Odd Sem 2016)

PPT Slides:
  1. Information Retrieval : Intro
  2. Dictionary and Postings
  3. Tolerant Retrieval
  4. Term weighting and Vector space retrieval
  5. Evaluation
  6. Query Expansion
  7. Probabilistic Information Retrieval
  8. Naïve Bayes Text Classification
  9. Latent Semantic Indexing
  10. XML Indexing and Search
  11. Content Based Image Retrieval
Reference PPT: Stanford IR Course Slides by Christopher D. Manning
Reference Books:
  1. Natural Language Processing And Information Retrieval by Tanveer Siddiqui and U. S. Tiwary
  2. Introduction to Information Retrieval by Christopher D. Manning
Extra Materials:
  1. B+Trees