Cognition and Cognitive Process Modelling (Even Sem 2019)

Course Code: ICCS730E/ICCP140C/ICCP340E
Class Room: CC2
Schedule: Class (Tuesday 9AM to 11AM),  Lab (Tuesday 11:15AM to 1:15PM), Tutorial (Wednesday 11:15AM to 1:15PM)
TAs: Punit Singh, Varsha Singh
Google Classroom:
Classroom Code: 3pjtip

Lecture Slides:
  1. Human Brain
  2. Cognition
  3. Consciousness and Free Will
  4. Symbolic AI and SOAR
  5. Theories of Mind
  6. First AI Debate
  7. Connectionist Models
  8. The Second AI Debate
  9. An Introduction to ACT-R
  10. Introduction to ACT-R
  11. An Introduction to CLARION
  12. The CLARION Cognitive Architecture
  13. The Motivational and Metacognitive Control in CLARION
  14. Learning and Memory
  15. Reinforcement Learning
  16. Distributed Cognition
Tutorial Slides:
  1. Cognitive Architectures What Why and How?
  2. fMRI Data Analysis
  3. EEG
  4. Introduction to SOAR
  5. ACT-R Introduction and Unit 1
  6. Clarion Slides by Prof. Ron Sun
Reference Books: Artificial Minds by Stan Franklin