Principles of Programming Languages (Even Sem 2018)

Course Code: IPPL430C

Faculty : Prof. U.S. Tiwary, Dr. Jagpreet Singh

TAs: Shrikant Malviya , Rohit Mishra

Syllabus: ppl_syllabus.pdf
Lectures: S.N. Title PPT
1 Evolution of Major Programming Languages PPT1
2 DataTypes PPT2
3 Functional Programming PPT3
4 CLISP Tutorial-Part1 PDF
5 CLISP Tutorial-Part2 PDF
6 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning PPT
7 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning 2 PPT
8 Logical Programming PPT
9 Concurrency PPT

Extra Material:

  1.  Reference book : CONCEPTS OF PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES by Rober W. Sebesta
  2.  Practical Common LISP 
  3.  CLISP Practise Questions
  4.  Eliza code
  5.  Tutorial CLISP
  6.  Tower of Hanoi